Part 9: Behold Our God

This edition of the BTS series lands on the modern song entitled Behold Our God. This wonderful song was written in 2011 by some wonderful song writers at Sovereign Grace Music back east (Meghan Baird, Jonathan Baird, Stephen Altrogge, and Ryan Baird). The song is a modern song of praise that does well to express the amazing attributes of our God and declare the finished and sufficient work of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. It has a great swell of Adoration in the song and its three verses speak to the Majesty of our God along with the Atoning sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. Sovereign Grace Music has been making great songs for the Church for more than 25 years and it is such a blessing to have brothers/sisters like this around the world who seek to worship our Savior through deeply doctrinal songs that speak to the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I truly love this song and know that it will bless our congregation for years to come.

Behold Our God

Verse 1

Who has held the oceans in His hands?

Who has numbered every grain of sand?

Kings and nations tremble at His voice

All creation rises to rejoice


Behold our God seated on His throne

Come, let us adore Him

Behold our King—nothing can compare

Come, let us adore Him

Verse 2

Who has given counsel to the Lord?

Who can question any of His words?

Who can teach the One who knows all things?

Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds?

Verse 3

Who has felt the nails upon His hands?

Bearing all the guilt of sinful man

God eternal, humbled to the grave

Jesus, Savior, risen now to reign


You will reign forever

Let Your glory fill the earth