Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

During Covid-19 Redemption Hill Church will follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of its members and visitors:

  1. All surfaces including door knobs, counter tops, children’s toys, chair backs, sinks, toilets, etc., will be wiped down and disinfected before and after all worship gatherings. Surfaces in The Gathering Place and bathrooms will be wiped down after Bible studies and other events.

  2. Those experiencing fever, sore throat and cough will be turned away and encouraged to return to their homes. Allergy related coughs and sneezes must be properly covered.

  3. The use of face coverings is OPTIONAL during all on-site events. Non-medical masks, bandanas, scarves and cloth can be used. Each person should provide their own face covering but we have some available at the rear entrance if you do not have one. 

  4. Regular hand washing is encouraged. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

  5. All members and visitors should maintain a safe distance between them and non-household members.