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Welcome to the New City Catechism Resource Page. New City Catechism is a summary of the major doctrines of the Christian religion in the form of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians. 



On this page you will find weekly resources including commentaries and videos. Families are encouraged to use these resources to dig deeper during family devotions.  

Click on the links to the left to access the New City Catechism resources by week.


Practical Advice

How you decide to use the New City Catechism resources is up to you but here are a few suggestions and things that have worked for others:

  • Make a commitment to go over the content regularly and to review past Questions/Answers.
  • Come up with a reward system for your kids as they memorize the Questions/Answers.
  • Don't make it so regimented that you have no flexibility and it becomes legalistic - have fun with it and keep it practical. Christian Living is joyous and learning more about God and His attributes is a great blessing. (Practically speaking: make it a habit by reviewing your Question/Answer during family meals).
  • Prepare a consistent plan for how you are going to go over and discuss the New City Catechism question/answer for each week. Below is an example of what you could do.
  1. Sunday Afternoon or Evening - Watch the video commentary and discuss the question/answer/verse
  2. One Weeknight during dinner - Read over the commentary section and prayer together and discuss what you have learned about the content
  3. Throughout the Week - Daily quiz yourself and others in the family with the Question and Answer for that week.
  4. Saturday - Review the week's question and past Reformed Catechism questions and pray for the Sunday service as a family.

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