RHC Youth Ministry


Redemption Hill Youth Ministry is led by Pastor Cameron Ayers and his wife Lily.  Pastor Cameron served for 2 years as a lay leader under our pastor, Phil Baker, when he served as pastor to Jr. High students at Big Valley Grace.  Pastor Cameron is wholeheartedly committed to the Lord, his wife, his church, and to the ministry he oversees.


Redemption Hill Youth Ministry exists to bring glory to God through making gospel-centered student disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Our discipleship process combines three components which we call A.T.S.  A.T.S stands for Assemble, Train and Send.

1. Assemble

Our discipleship process begins with assembling students at the RHC campus. 

2. Train

During the assembly students experience expositional Bible teaching which helps to ground them in the Word and gospel. They also engage in singing gospel-centered worship songs, prayer, and small groups.  All of these things are done for the training/equipping of students for life and the ministry of the gospel.

3. Send

The Lord commanded that every disciple is to share the gospel.  Each week students are encouraged and sent out to share the gospel in their homes, neighborhoods and on their school campuses.  Sharing the gospel is a necessary part of the developmental/discipleship process for students and adults.